Trademarks: We protect your brand's authencity and leverage it for success.

Trademark searches, registrations, and advisory.

Mack Law is innovative and proactive in working with you to cultivate effective procedures that prevent or reduce negative impacts and the potential theft of your brand or venture.

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Trademarks searches, registrations & Advisory

Trademark Registrations
Trademarks serve as the digital identity and footprint for brands and is essential to how you identify your product or services in the public market. We serve an intricate role in maximizing and protecting your brand so that you can advertise, market, and leverage your brand with confidence. We provide effective legal strategies to grow your reputation.
Copyright Registrations
Unlike a trademark, a copyright protects creative works, meaning books, photographs, drawings, paintings, plays, etc. It also covers computer code, some advertising language, and a variety of other not-so-obvious categories. We work with creatives of all types in registering their works, whether it's music lyrics, publications, or other unique creations.
Intellectual Property Licensing & Enforcement
In leveraging brands for success, we draft and negotiate trademark licensing contracts with favorable terms for our clients. We provide swift resolutions to obtain the maximum relief through various legal remedies. We protect and defend brands across all market and national boundaries.
Trademark Services
Trademark Registration, searches, Trademark Ownership Advice, Statement of Use Filings, Trademark Assignments, Trademark Application preparation, Trademark Change of Ownership, Trademark Portfolio Management, Trademark Renewal Filings, Trademark Enforcement, and Trademark Monitoring services.
how we help protect & expand creative works

An Intuitve Approach crafted for success!

1. Consult & Evaluate
We interview our clients to gather all of the necessary information to properly address their needs and concerns.
2. Research & Assess
Through due-diligence, we identify pressing issues and other relevant pain points to provide client solutions.
3. Advise & Execute
After providing our findings and the best course of action to our clients, we execute deliverables swiftly and effectively.

Trademark Search


Additional search

Trademark Discovery Call
Comprehensive Trademark Search
Detailed Search Report & Evaluation
Detailed Mark Risk-Level Assessment
Opinion letter on Trademarkability*
Actionable Next Steps for Filing
Discounted application filing
Installment Payment Plan Available
*The flat includes a comprehensive search and report, and a trademark search report review session to analyze any identified conflicts. Discounted trademark registrations are applied to a subsequent registration.

Trademark Standard


Additional Classes for Goods or Services is $350.00.

Trademark Discovery Call
Preliminary Knockout Search & Report
Search Report Review Session
Opinion letter on Trademarkability*
Application filing w/ One Class
Response to all Office Action Responses
Cease & Desist Letter Template
Flexible Payment Plans Available
•The flat fee includes government filing fees,  Opinion letters analyze the strength of the Mark, potential conflicts, and alternative approaches of protection. Responses only include procedural office action responses.

Trademark Elite Bundle


Additional Classes for Goods or Services is $350.00.

Includes all Standard Package features plus:
Full-Service Knockout Search & Report
Trademark Monitoring Service - 1 Month
Brand Strategy & Action Plan Session
Licensing or Assignment Letter Template
Cease & Desist Letter Template
Intellectual Property Audit
Flexible Payment Plans Available
•The flat fee includes government filing fees,  Opinion letters analyze the strength of the Mark, potential conflicts, and alternative approaches of protection. Responses include both procedural and substantive office action responses.
Full Service Package

Additional Protection & Guidance

Explore our additional services or schedule a consultation to address any trademark-related issues.
Trademark Consultation
Receive general guidance and register your trademarks to protect and monitor your brand as you grow.
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Cease & Desist Letter
Are brandjackers using your brand? Let us draft your cease & desist to stop further use of your trademarks.
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Office Action Responses
Has the government refused your trademark? Hire us to respond and get you one step closer to registration.
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