Copyrights: Safeguarding Creative Content

Copyright Registration and Enforcement

Mack Law works with all creatives to protect their intellectual property. Whether it's music or other creative works, we assist with protecting your creativity to prevent others from infringing on your hard work!

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Copyright Registration, and Enforcement

Copyright Overview
Copyrights allow you to stop the unlawful reproduction of your creative works without your permission. Copyright protection is limited to exact or close replicas of your work. It does not protect the “idea”.
Copyright Protection
A copyright is established the moment you create the body of works. However, enforcing those rights are often difficult without a copyright registration, so it is highly recommended to register your creative works.
Music & Creative Endeavors
We counsel clients on various issues involving entertainment law, such as music, publishing, distribution, royalties, licensing, and optioning of rights. At Mack Law, we can assist artists, producers, writers, and creatives in navigating contracts, merchandising, securities, employment, taxation, litigation, and contested rights issues. We work closely with our clients to help them pursue their careers successfully.
Copyright Services
Copyright registration, copyright enforcement, copyright assigments and licensing, copyright investigations and litigations, copyright portfolio management, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Take-Down Request, DMCA Defense, DMCA Compliance, Royalty audits, Publishing recovery, Publishing letters of designation, Publishing company formation and development.
how we help protect & expand creative works

An Intuitve Apprach crafted for success!

1. Consult & Evaluate
We interview our clients to gather all of the necessary information to properly address their needs and concerns.
2. Research & Assess
Through due-diligence, we identify pressing issues and other relevant pain points to provide client solutions.
3. Advise & Executive
After providing our findings and the best course of action to our clients, we execute deliverables swiftly and effectively.

Copyright Review


The flat fee starts at $350 for each Copyright Review to evaluate your creative works.

Copyright Discovery Call
Evaluation of Creative Works
Application process overview
Insights and advisory
Actionable protection advice
Discounted registration fee
The flat fee for a copyright consultation includes the above-listed services. Regsitration fees are not included.

Copyright Registration


The flat fee starts at $495 for each Copyright Registration with the US Copyright Office.

Creative Works Consultation
Creative Works Evaluation
Preparation & filing of application
Acceptance of Deposit Copy
Tracking & Correspondence
Ongoing status updates
The flat fee includes government filing fees for one copyright registration. Additional fees are to be paid by the client.

IP & Creative Agreements


The flat fee starts at $850 for a entertainment or music agreement, and $1,250 for an licensing agreement.

Music & Creatives Consultation
Review of IP or Venture(s)
Drafting of Initial Agreement
Agreement Revisions & Finalization
Third-Party Negotiations & Deals
*The fee quoted may be higher depending on the complexity of the project. Agreement negotiations and deal management are not included, but may be added for an additional flat fee.
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